Imagine your company building is affected by a fire. Or a pipe bursts in your building, damaging equipment or stock. Do have the insurance to cover it? If so, do you know how much compensation the insurance will provide? Equally important is the consequential damage that results when your business activities come to a standstill. Do you have effective insurance for this risk?

If you have no ready response to this question, it’s no reason to panic, but it could mean that you actually don’t know if you have insurance for these risks and if so that it has been properly arranged.

The Trifium approach

Of course, finding the right insurance is nobody’s idea of a fun job. Equally, many banks, internet providers, and insurance companies are not always able to provide the rapid answers you are looking for in your specific situation. This is why at Trifium, we take a different approach. We won’t bore you with a list of insurance policies.

We not only look to your company’s sector and offer standard solutions based on that, but actually talk to you, to see what you really need. For example, do you aim to grow independently or would you like to take over a company? Perhaps you have plans to open a new location within the next two years? It could make financial sense to adjust your insurance accordingly in advance of that. The Trifium Insurance advisers will be happy to help you with this.

Want to know more about our approach?

If you’d like more information about us and what we can do for you, please feel free to contact us! Our insurance advisers will be happy to talk things through with you.

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