About Trifium Insurance

Trifium Insurance

Trifium was founded in 1997 after the merger of various specialist companies within financial services. Its focus was on consultancy, business advice, mortgages, and financial planning.

In 2013, Trifium Insurance was added to this. This company provides insurance services to our business customers, primarily companies with between two and 100 employees. However, self-employed contractors and owner-managed companies are also welcome. Whether you do local or international business, it’s our job to ensure your company has the best possible insurance!

But insurance is not always the only option. We work with you to assess the risks you face and identify the risks you consider acceptable and those you cannot handle yourself that therefore require insurance. Of course, we will then arrange this for your company.

During the term of the policy, we also work to ensure that it continues to reflect the needs of the company and in the event of loss or damage, we will support you in handling the claim.

Trifium derives from the Latin word Trivium, meaning a place where three roads meet, which for us represents the three basic elements of our service: quality, integrity, and engagement.

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